Second Nieuw Amsterdam Video Released

I’m very excited to release this next video which has been my most comprehensive and detailed editing job to date. There are hundreds of images, videos and sounds combined to make this video, and I’m also pleased with the overall quality because I figured out an audio problem I was having that is now resolved. It has been a learning experience, and each time I produce a new video, I seem to be able to stretch my skills and improve upon my abilities.

I’m also sad to mention that a respected colleague has recently and unexpectedly died of a heart attack. Steve Read was a fellow Cruise Industry Journalist from England who produced great content on his website. I have had him on my talk show and met him in-person a couple years ago. If you’d like to hear my interview with Steve Read aboard the Celebrity Solstice, check out this audio. I have also dedicated my latest video filmed aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam to the memory of Steve Read.

I must also send my appreciation out to our sponsors for this three-part series of shows aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam, including: Access America, Sea-Band, Victorinox and The Cruise Web. I have to mention something here about Sea-Band…on this cruise aboard the Nieuw Amsterdam I met up with colleague and Cruise Journalist, Peter Knego. Peter cruises often on ships all around the world and on this latest video I had an opportunity to interview him about his frustrating issues with motion sickness. I never would have guessed that a Cruise Journalist who loves ships as much as I do would struggle with motion discomfort.

I have one more Nieuw Amsterdam video to edit together which should be released sometime within the next two weeks, and I also have two audio talk show segments to pit together. Please enjoy the video, tell your friends, visit our website at and I hope you will subscribe to our Youtube channel, our audio talk show and this press release site.

About Barry Vaudrin

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