MSC Cruises Poesia Video Release

I was able to coordinate a special visit aboard the Poesia just before I embarked, with my family on another ship in Ft Lauderdale. This was my first visit aboard an MSC Cruises vessel and I was thrilled to go aboard and experience first-hand the decor and design of this class of ship. The ship was of course spotless as the President of MSC Cruises USA often mentions, Mr. Richard Sasso. It was a short visit, only about an hour and a half, but sufficient time to quickly explore the Poesia, interview Richard Sasso, and take a few pictures. The ship was impressive! I particularly liked the rich colors, the granite and marble, and the brass throughout the ship.

I would have enjoyed sampling the cuisine, but there just wasn’t the time. Perhaps one day I’ll cruise aboard an MSC Cruises ship and be able to offer an in-depth review. This particular show was sponsored by Luggage Pros and The Cruise Web.

Luggage Pros: This company is based right here in my backyard, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Luggage Pros has over one hundred and fifty brands of luggage they offer to the consumer, so chances are, if you’re in need of quality luggage, check out their website and make your purchase. I would recommend luggage that has four wheels on the bottom of the bag because it makes travel so much easier. Luggage Pros also told me of an exciting offer only for our Cruising Authority audience. Choose the luggage you want, purchase the luggage online, then use the keyword “CRUISE” at check out and you’ll be able to receive a free MyFlyTag which is a customized luggage tag.

The Cruise Web: If you’re in the market for a cruise, particularly an MSC Cruise, be sure to contact an MSC expert at The Cruise Web. I have often mentioned this, but I’ll say it again, buying your cruise directly from the cruise line does not necessarily mean you’ll get the best pricing. Cruise lines rely on cruise selling agencies, and those agencies which produce a significant level of volume will be offered better amenities, discounts, upgrades and perks, and those cruise selling agencies can then pass those savings onto you. It is absolutely in your best interest to book your cruise through a specialist, a cruise agency, and The Cruise Web is one of those strong companies you can trust to provide you with excellent service. 1-800-377-9383

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