Completed Video Series Filmed in Hawaii

Cruising Authority is a very interesting concept.  It’s a brand that was created to express enthusiasm for the cruise industry.  Being a Cruise Industry Journalist can certainly have it’s rewards, and there was no better reward than seeing my wife experience one of her dreams of visiting Hawaii.  I hope you’ll watch our fourth and final video featuring the Pride of America in Hawaii, and that the enthusiasm for this particular trip is evident.

In this particular video we also visit the USS MISSOURI in Pearl Harbor, so for those who also like to see battleships and military vessels, you might enjoy this.  It was cool to be able to climb inside the gun turret and see the inner workings of these massive and complex 16 inch guns.

This Hawaiian cruise aboard the Pride of America was satisfying on so many levels. Please look up “Cruising Authority” on Facebook and hit the “LIKE” button.  Why? So we can learn more about you and what you’d like to see on future videos.  I’d like to make these videos more interactive.

You can also visit our Hawaii Cruise Page on Cruising Authority where we have much more content including photos and audio talk show segments as well.

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