Italian Stallion at Sea – The MSC Poesia

The Cruising Authority headquarters has broken new ground in its latest video series by thinking outside the box, with new ideas, a new Youtube channel, a fun music video, and a Treasure Hunt.  Treasure Seekers can win a brand new Apple iPad compliments of iCruise in the first Cruising Authority Treasure Hunt.  The objective for Treasure Seekers is to watch all four videos in the series, discover the “Code Word”, get the Treasure Map, locate and obtain a rare and ancient wooden carved wand from Africa, then win an Apple iPad.  The first person to find the hidden wand, and follow the directions, will win the prize….. it’s as simple as that.

Below is the first episode in a series of Four videos featuring the MSC Poesia.  The Host of Cruising Authority, Barry Vaudrin, recently embarked on a Caribbean itinerary and hid the wooden carved wand in one of the ports.  Watch the following video to learn more about this exciting Treasure Hunt.  Another interesting element to this first episode, in a series of four, is a music video expressing a little cruise etiquette with a suggestion to smile more on your next cruise.

About Barry Vaudrin

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