Avid Cruiser – What Silversea Cruises Does Differently

A Colleague of mine, Mr. Ralph Grizzle, has been cruising on Silversea all around the world.  I met up with him on the Silver Spirit last year.

I have enjoyed reading Ralph’s Avid Cruiser reviews and watching his videos.  Here’s a special video feature Ralph produced about “What Silversea Cruises Does Differently”.

I think you’ll enjoy the video.  If you do, hit the “Like” button or follow us on Facebook.  You may even want to “Follow” this blog so you don’t miss any of our updates.

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One Response to Avid Cruiser – What Silversea Cruises Does Differently

  1. Colin says:

    For first-class snorkel sailing, the Ali’i Nui 65-foot catamaran is a diver’s dream.
    ‘A change is as good as a rest’ as the old adage goes and
    good thing too, since a ski holiday in Verbier probably isn’t going to give you much of a rest. ll encounter stunning castles, forts and relics that date back to the days of the crusades.

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