Easter Morning at The Fathers House in Burnsville, Minnesota

Do you have a church home? If not, visit The Father’s House this Eastern morning (April 5th) in Burnsville, Minnesota at the Mraz Theater in the Burnsville High School Auditorium. The Sunday morning festivities begin at 9:30am and the service begins at 10:00am. We did something interesting the week prior to Easter service, and we canvassed the Burnsville neighborhood with door hangers advertising the service, but what was truly unique about this is that a number of people from The Father’s House distributed the door hangers with two beautiful stretched limos from Valley Limo & Coach. It was truly a classy and fun event to cruise Burnsville in two gorgeous stretched, luxury limos! Watch the video of this unique activity below.

The Father’s House is a new church-plant in the Burnsville area with a growing congregation that averages about 230 members each Sunday. Pastor Londa Ramsey along with a core group of members launched September of 2014. Pastor Londa Ramsey is the daughter of Evangelist and Pastor Lowell Lundstrom, who was the founding pastor of Celebration Church in 1996, which coincidentally launched in the same location, the Mraz Theater in the Burnsville High School Auditorium. Pastor Lowell Lundstrom passed the baton of his ministry to his daughter, Londa in 2010. Pastor Lowell Lundstrom went to heaven July 20th 2012 after a long and courageous battle with Parkinson’s. Pastor Lowell Lundstrom was a gifted Evangelist and award-winning musician that started his ministry in 1957, and toured with his family in a bus nearly three hundred days a year. Pastor Londa Ramsey now continues the legacy of her father, Lowell Lundstrom, with engaging, and dynamic messages every Sunday at The Father’s House in Burnsville.

A unique feature of The Father’s House is the exceptional quality of the music. Many of the best musicians in the Minneapolis area often have an opportunity to play in the services at The Father’s House. Visitors can expect inspirational worship and music at The Father’s House, as well as relevant messages by Pastor Londa Ramsey. The Father’s House has an interesting mascot, Ellie the Elephant. Why an elephant, one might ask? Elephants are unique creatures that live in families that are very loyal, in fact, if an elephant happens to fall or become sick, family sticks together to help that sick elephant until it is well again. Elephants have been known to prop-up the sick elephant until it is well again. This loyalty and dedication is unique in the animal world, which is why The Father’s House embraces the elephant as a mascot. Members at The Father’s House are like family, who help to prop-up those members of the family that are sick, or hurting. Many people visiting The Father’s House for the first time have said they felt very welcomed and treated like family. Another welcoming aspect of The Father’s House is how members show love to everyone.

In addition to weekly Sunday service, The Father’s House also has small groups called Life Groups which is the best way for a large congregation to get to know everyone. If someone is struggling, they can often feel lost in a large congregation, but with Life Groups, those struggling will not fall through the cracks. There’s a strong Men’s Group, and Women’s Groups, and even a Life Group for those who like to ride motorcycles. Check out The Father’s House by visiting on any Sunday morning, or visit the church website: http://www.thefathershouse.church.

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