My Two Favorite Cruises

I’ve been on nearly 300 cruises over the years as a passenger, a member of the crew and as a Cruise Journalist.  So the most asked question I hear is, “What’s your favorite cruise?”  As a Cruise Journalist, I started a multi-media business called Cruising Authority which offers written articles and reviews, audio podcasts and original videos.  I recently launched a new brand called: “Cruising With Barry”, that exclusively offers video reviews and commentary about the cruise industry, cruise ships and cruise itineraries.  Please enjoy this video where I talk about my two favorite cruise experiences.


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TravelSafe  Having traveled the world, I always purchase travel insurance because you truly never know what could happen…so I gain a peace of mind knowing that I’m covered should there be an unplanned incident.  Click on the link just above and see for yourself the protection you can get from TravelSafe.  There are many policies there to consider.  Remember that particularly on a cruise, chances are your own life insurance or credit card insurance or even insurance offered by the cruise lines do not offer the comprehensive insurance policies that are specific to a cruise vacation.

The Cruise Brothers   I have now booked several cruises with The Cruise Brothers and I often refer my closest family and friends to this cruise agency because I know they will be taken care of and get the best rates, amenities, upgrades and discounts.  I even booked a large group of 80 passengers, and The Cruise Brothers handled every booking with great care and precision.

About Barry Vaudrin

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