FATHOM Launches Impact Travel

Impact Travel and Deep Travel are new terms to describe a brand new cruise line that begins operation in April and May of 2016 out of Miami to the Dominican Republic and Cuba.  A start-up cruise brand that stems from Carnival Corporation, will have a fascinating, relatively new concept in cruising, called Impact Travel, where passengers can participate in unique excursions developed by Fathom, to reach out a helping hand in the local ports the ship visits.  Fathom begins with the P&O vessel Adonis which carries 700 passengers in an elegant environment onboard with comfortable staterooms and suites, many with private verandas.  The Adonis will visit the newly constructed $85 Million port of Amber Cove, just outside of Puerto Plata, which is a convenient location for passengers to explore the Dominican Republic.   A first for the cruise industry, a dedicated ship, the Adonis, has a specific mission to provide a luxurious experience for passengers, and also provide Impact Travel excursions for passengers to connect with local people and help with unique projects like; jumping into the process of making chocolate, or constructing and distributing much needed water filters to local families, and even helping elementary school children to speak conversational English.  The details of the excursions in Cuba have not been entirely released as of yet, but the plan is to have similar Travel Immersion activities there too.   The following video shows some of the excursions and unique elements to a Fathom Cruise Experience.

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Visit the FATHOM.org website to book your own Fathom cruise experience.


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